The only one really qualified and fit for the job at hand!

Who: Colorado Native (Parker, Frisco), Kent Denver (HS) and Southern Methodist University Double Major, Federal Govt. Computer Contractor Engineer / CO, USDA, Houston Gov. Computer Contractor (HCTRA and 2011 Election Computer Contractor TX), Colorado US Post Office(s) Computer Contractor, Microsoft Corp. Computer Contractor, Halliburton, Raytheon Computer Contractor (ITAR Certified through Raytheon 2018), 7-11 Computer Contractor, Home Depot Computer Contractor, Walt Disney Computer Contractor, etc) 1983-84 Colo. National Scholastics HS Winner. - All references available upon request.

What and Where: (1) My Real estate and backyard lake, at 822 Hunters Circle, Frisco, CO, 80443 is part of a For Profit Water Special District (CO. Political Party) for selling water privately “United Water and Sanitation” (2) for which Jared Polis, is also privately part, (3) I allege Jared’s political group stole my water & real estate rights before becoming Governor. (4) I am exposed through my house at 822 Hunters Circle, Frisco, CO to Jared Polis and all relevant Colorado politics because of the private water sales done by Jared Polis of my real estate and water rights at my Frisco house’s backyard lake. 18 U.S. Code § 1961.

Why: My computer day job is already infrastructure for Gov., Energy, and Enterprise. The National Technology Company, for which I am the CEO, www.COMPUTERBERG.COM repairs computers’ systems and software viruses with problems already created by Jared Polis and his broken computer group(s). Whether, one vote or a landslide, now and indefinitely, I appeal to you delegates to consider my appeal below as I complain about Jared Polis behavior and 18 U.S. Code § 2381 in my campaign.

Gameplan: Engineering Infrastructure for Real Jobs & Real GNP /GDP Growth. (1) Build and Engineer a Desalinated Water Pipeline from the Gulf Waters to Colorado Headwaters to fill Hoover Dam! (2) Double Police Salaries for Computerized Reporting (3) Build CU University campuses in Summit and Eagle Counties for the Western Slope. (4) Double Teachers Salaries for those who teach WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION (4) Build Rocky Mountain and Plains high speed train network. (5) Repair Election Computers from Cyber Hacking (6) Build, Fabricate, and Create a Foundry for 2-4nm Computer Chips in Colorado for Ford, GM, and Chrysler as part of the Denver Tech Center. (7) Cannabis Tax Accountability Towards Infrastructure. (8) Educational Control back to the Parents, without discrimination. (9) END Colorado Law / House Bill 20-1060 legalizing Colorado Cadavers becoming commercial fertilizer for agricultural / Livestock use (10) Garden and sell CO. dead forest timber internationally before it burns down (11) Upgrade Water Treatment Infrastructure for increased O&G Prod. (12) Ukraine Peace Talks before WWIII / Psalm 23 תְּהִלִּים. Psalm 23:1–6.