Invoice the Taliban

Invoicing the Taliban to pay for American and Nato Weapons stolen by the new Narco Taliban State with the signature of Jared Polis and husband, in violation of Article III, Section 3, Clause 1 of the Federal constitution, in a Polis “under the belt blow” to modern democracy, violations of NATO agreement, Article 5. Collective defense,

This ITAR arms control violation, puts NATO, the UK, Australia, and the EU at risk, as the Taliban are known to be a ruthless group of international criminals who were responsible for the 911 attack against America. Sabotage is the Taliban and the Taliban is sabotage. They are part of an international narco trafficking ring of opiates including the unhealthy and deadly heroin. I believe the Taliban Government is related to the heroin and fentanyl problem, killing people, killing Americans, killing people worldwide and pray that Governor Polis has not connected Colorado cannabis industry with Taliban heroin production industry after the black hawk and arms deployment to the Taliban, which I believe violates Federal Law Article III, Section 3, Clause 1 of the Federal constitution. This arms transfer to the Taliban of Colorado National Guard Military assets, also violates Article 5 of the NATO collective defense agreement.

Yes, as far as being god fearing and believing in the trust of the US treasury, I believe that the Taliban should pay Colorado back every Lincoln penny for the military equipment and military assets they have stolen from the Colorado National Guard during this Covid bio war pandemic, and I believe that the Taliban now jeopardize the stability in the their continental region as well as the stability for Europe, the EU, and NATO. I am very distressed and afraid by the weapons business transaction that Governor Jared Polis and his husband provided the Taliban, worth billions of dollars of Colorado tax dollars, specifically weapons transfers that violate ITAR defense contractor rules, and against the National Guard assets by Colorado Governor Jared Polis and his husband.